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Brief Description

A.C.R. Thukhachanthar Co., Ltd was establishment in 2013 (8th May 2013), it’s has been registered in Directorate of investment and company administration under the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development.

Our Company’s key personals have inputs efforts to the country’s developments and modernization over 20 years, participating in important roles in such areas as civil engineering, Construction, Real Estate Development etc., especially in construction works.

We can offer full turnkey package in terms of Building Construction covering from Architecture-works to Civil Engineering Works (Design and Built) including M&E Works.

With our distinctive and exclusive network of management, finance, planning, engineering, construction and operational expertise, our company key personals have today developed to be one of the upper echelons from government services and diversified in other business. And our teams have also proven record among our various projects. This has served both as solid establishment and as a springboard to venture into growth areas. 

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